Emperor Theoden Ednew

The Final Stage on the character; player controlled; The player creates their character at the start


Name: Theoden Ednew
Gender: Male
Title: None
Race: Human
Primary Class: Warrior
Secondary Class: None

Age: 0 Years / 0 Months / 0 Weeks / 0 Days / 0 Hours / 0 Minutes / 0 Seconds
Level: 0
Experience Points: 000.00%
Skill Points: 0

Alliance None
Fraction None
Nation None
Guild None
Party Size 0
Party Type None
Party Class None

Coins 0 Platinum / 0 Gold / 0 Silver / 0 Bronze
Dragon Gold 0
Keys 0
Notes 0
Dragon Stone 0
Backpack Capacity 0
Belt Capacity 0

Metals 0
Escort Metals 0
Badges 0
Tokens 0
Vouchers 0
Certificate 0
Blessing 0
Influence 100%
Bounty 0%

Health Points 100/100
Mana Points 0/0
Energy Points 100/100
Rage/Fury Points 0/0
Stamina Points 0/0
Spirit Points 0/0
Armor Points 0/0
Ability Points 0/0
Mastery Points 0/0

Strength (STR): Body, Might, Brawn, Physical Attack, Block Chance
Constitution (CON): Stamina, Endurance, Vitality, Energy, Magic
Dexterity (DEX): Agility, Reflexes, Quickness, Evasion, Parry, Attack/Cast Speed
Intelligence (INT): Intellect, Mind, Brains, Knowledge, Magic Attack
Charisma (CHAR): Presence, Charm, Social
Wisdom (WIS): Spirit, Wits, Psyche, Sense, General Healing, Personal Healing
Willpower (WILL): Sanity, Personality, Ego
Perception: Alertness, Awareness, Cautiousness
Luck: Fate, Chance, Physical Crit Rate, Magical Crit Rate, Accuracy


Acid Resistance
Earth Resistance
Air Resistance
Poison Resistance
Nature Resistance
Wind Resistance
Curse Resistance
Fire Resistance
Lightning Resistance
Death Resistance
Water Resistance
Cold Resistance
Disease Resistance
Magic Resistance
Physical Resistance
Dark Resistance
Light Resistance
Holy Resistance
Elemental Resistance
Melee Resistance
Arcane Resistance
Noxious Resistance


Emperor Theoden Ednew

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